Tuesday, June 1, 2010

tap dancing

I tap dance. Up until about 2 days ago I would say, "I take tap class." But as of Sunday night, I think I'm allowed to say, "I tap dance." I performed tap dance at Tap Extravaganza with 13 of my dearest friends. I performed in the same show as a bunch of the most famous, well respected tap dancers alive. That is pretty cool.
 I've been a dancer my whole life. My dad was a ballet dancer and did folk dance and could do ballroom when asked. So it's in my blood to be a mover and shaker. I feel very sad when I haven't been physical for a few days. I express myself in dance. I release negative emotions in dance. And in recent years, I've created a community for myself in dance. Tap dance. Growing up doing ballet and disco and jazz and whatever other modality I could, tap dance did NOT come naturally. Every teacher I've had could attest to that. I took a few tap classes at age 16, I took a lot from age 18-21. And then, after tearing everything in my knee, I took 8 years off. And then I found Lynn. My teacher. I've been studying with her for about 9 or so years.Taking from her is a little like a joining a cult. Us elders induct or reject the new recruits who come in. But if we like you, you'll be welcomed with open arms and encouraged to follow your bliss, eat hummus with us on a regular basis, and work your butt off in weekly tap classes.
 People ask me all the time why I take tap class. At my age. At this point in my life. Am I pursuing tap? Aren't I doing enough THINGS to keep busy? Do I think I'll be a brilliant tap dancer by the time I'm 60 years old? I love it. I love all dance. Even the kinds I'm not good at. But I found a community of people who love me, accept me, support me, make me laugh, and grow WITH me. Learning tap has been exciting, frustrating, moving, emotional, painful, and so much more. It took me years to relax my ankles. It's taken about 10 years to remember to breathe. It'll take another few years to get rid of other bad habits that snuck in. BUT, I've come a lot farther than I thought I ever would. And 2 days ago I performed, onstage, for a paid audience, with some REALLY good tap dancers. And that, is a huge accomplishment. Am I pursuing a career as a tap dancer? Heck no, that'd be crazy. My talents lie in other places. But I wouldn't trade the community of love and support I've joined for anything in the world. That's the gift. That's the secret to life. That's the joy in the dance. We were all onstage...together. And that's how we make it through life...together.
 follow your bliss.
love, Tamar


  1. WE LOVE YOU LADY!!! keep tappin....WITH us!!!! :) miss youuuuuuuuuuuuu

  2. This is the first time I am on your blog - you have very insightful and exciting things to say. Thank you so much for sharing your love of the dance with me and us! We love you!