Monday, November 14, 2011

Adjusting The Dream

I hate goals.
For me, I think of them as just another opportunity to disappoint myself. I know. Not a great way to look at it.
How about adjusting my expectations? Not “settling”. Not “giving up”. But actually saying….”wait a minute. I LIKE this life. I LIKE what I’m doing. So WHAT if I’m not doing all I dreamed of…couldn’t this actually be…BETTER?”

Here’s my dream:

I live in LA.
In a big house, with dogs, a maid, a heated pool, a tennis court, a dance floor, a workout room, a ping pong table, a pool table, a hot tub, and maybe a bowling alley. And friends to visit that I can cook for.
I support this lifestyle by acting in funny, smart, well written, feature films.

Here’s the reality:
I live in LA (and New York).
In 2 small apartments with no pets, 2 awesome guys (one in each place. We’ll leave that explanation for another day, just to keep you guessing), friends visit often and…none of the other above, sports-like things. HOWEVER, I DO have access to all of the above. I just don’t have them actually AT my house.
I make lots of funny, smart, well written films. Most are not features. But a lot are written by me, and now starting to be produced by me.
I support this lifestyle by doing massage, some of the above acting, and some investing and generosity.

Uhm… I not actually, really, CLOSE?
Am I not actually LIVING my dream, it just looks a little different?

If I can make enough money through investments, passive income (my book sales:
How To Run Auditions”, available on Amazon and elsewhere), my massage company (, bring chair massage to YOUR office now!), and any other way I can think of. Then I could…wait for it…KEEP DOING WHAT FILMS I WANT TO DO. I don’t even have to audition for other people, or get an agent, or do bulk mailings, or get depressed over the idea that I’m not where I want to be, where I expected to be, where I think I’m supposed to be. No. I can make the films I want to make, write, produce, direct, or hire my phenomenally talented friends (after securing funding, of course) to do any of the above, plus hire extraordinary actors that don’t get a chance to work enough.And not have to depend on others, fate, luck, or anything other than myself to achieve the life I want.

Isn’t that living a better dream? Living the reality and adjusting the dream?

Yeah. I’m gonna stick with that for awhile. See how it plays out.