Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ticklish Much?

OK. My thoughts on tickling. I think tickling is a trust issue. And I know people who are really ticklish are going to hate me for saying this. But I believe it. Almost all kids are ticklish. They’re taught to be. It’s a game you play when you’re little. You are uncomfortable being touched by others, so it’s a defense mechanism that is acceptable and expected. You giggle when someone is tickling you. You actually don’t find it funny, but it “tickles” and because you giggle that makes it “OK”.  People who are ticklish usually hate being tickled. It’s only the ticklers who really find it funny. And if you’re making someone laugh, why would you think you were making them uncomfortable. Most adult women laugh when they’re uncomfortable too, and men don’t realize that. But that’s a whole other issue.  I was ticklish as a kid. Then one day, around age 11 I guess, someone pointed out to me that I couldn’t tickle myself. And I’ve tried. But I can’t. I know where my own hand is, and I know what it’s doing. I trust myself. There’s no element of surprise. And once I realized that, I became all powerful. No one can grab my ribs and startle me. No one can grab my knees and make me wiggle. No one can torture me with the threat of tickling. Go ahead and touch me. I won’t let it control me.  I’m also a massage therapist and my clients know that when I touch them, I mean business. It’ll be comforting, soothing, or commanding, but I don’t aim to tickle you. I think people who are still ticklish have a defense wall up around them that they refuse to drop. I’m sure different reasons for each person. And perhaps each region denotes a different issue. Knees=fear, back=past, neck =change. Or maybe you broke your leg as a child and you’ll always be protective of that region. Or worse. But the next time you “let” someone tickle you. Ask yourself what you’re really afraid of. And see if your body talks back. Stop giggling and say why you’re uncomfortable.