Tuesday, June 1, 2010

First post and welcome

hello! Thank you for reading the first post of my new blog. I've been thinking about doing this for quite some time. I'm happy to take questions about life, the Universe and everything. I'm pretty good at advice giving, and I do my best to take my own advice. So far, it's worked out OK...I'm still HERE, I'm still living, breathing, and doing my best to enjoy life. People constantly say to me, "you have the most exciting life!" And I always say, "look at the alternative!" Who wants a boring life?
 To be honest, the stuff floating around in my head doesn't make living easy. I was not a very happy child, young adult, adult...but I'm doing OK now. I always worked as hard as possible to get the most out of life, but "working hard" is not the best way. "going with the flow" is really the best way, and that's what I attempt to do now. I say attempt, because it could be another 10 years til I've really gotten into that habit.
 I have so many thoughts rushing into my head that I don't even know where to start. So welcome, and I hope you go on this journey with me, because we all need support. I'm here for you, so I hope you'll be there for me.
 love, Tamar


  1. i woke up today and thought, I want to open my own business.. lol
    Any ideas?! :)

  2. Hello, dear. Finally wandered over to check out your new blogspace. Lots of purple, yes, and pink... hmm.

    I'm glad you're here; and by that I mean, you know, HERE. "Always", my friend.