Sunday, March 13, 2011


I let the Universe guide me.

This past trip to Los Angeles's events; 13 unbelievable coincidences? I think not. All in under 8 weeks.
1)     The coincidences started before the trip, with my friend, John calling me to check in before coming to LA and realizing he would need a room, and I had a room. Best room mate EVER.
2)     When I first arrived in LA, I told John I needed a back doctor, and within 2 hours, my friend, Betsy mentioned her back doctor, which is who I ended up seeing.
3)     Nigel (massage therapist in NYC) had connected me with Leslie (massage therapist moving to LA), who I, uncharacteristically, lent my most expensive prize possession, my massage table to, somehow knowing it would be fine, which it was. When I got to LA, we traded massage. Turns out, she’s living in the old bedroom of my friend…who I usually trade massage with, and who Leslie usually trades massage with. Also, she’s a foodie and an actress and we have a lot in common.
4)     Early in my trip, I was grocery shopping at Whole Foods for no reason. I see a woman doing a demo and I think, “I know her.” I couldn’t leave it alone until I figured out where I knew her from. I said, “Got it! We did a show together 20 years ago, cast by XXXXX, who was a con artist.” (The woman) couldn’t believe I said that, because the CD had JUST slept on her couch for a month and swindled her and her mom out of money. So we got together the following week to discuss it. The timing was perfect, of course. Unless I had run into her 2 months before, when I wasn’t in LA!
5)     I threw a party. John had 6 friends come. Some of his friends knew some of my friends. Plus, his friends are best friends with other people I know well. Definitely a small world of actors moment.
6)     I went to a reading at AIDA (Australian institute), which I’d never heard of. I went from there, directly to a party. Within 20 minutes of being at the party, someone said, “you should study at AIDA, you’d like it.”
7)     “Big Ears”, the film which I came out to rehearse and shoot, was canceled. But not before I postponed my date to fly back to NYC. If I had NOT postponed it, I wouldn’t have been around to shoot the film I DID shoot. Although “Big Ears” might still happen, giving me a great reason to return to LA in May.
8)     I had 2 auditions for films. I got them both. I couldn’t do both, because they conflicted. But the one I did NOT do, was being monitored by a guy I know.
9)     I get an email from Cherie, who is in a film with me, but I’ve never met. She offers me roles in a production of, “Almost, Maine” by John Cariani. John Cariani was living with me at the time, and he knew nothing about it. I’ve wanted to do that play for about 15 years.
10) The play was then postponed because one of the NY actor/producers got the same job as my best friend (in LA)…a series regular for a new show filming in Romania for 5 weeks.
11) I email Blair Hickey from and Lisa Gold from (and a few others) to recommend that they meet. Turns out, Lisa was IN LA at the time, meeting with Gary Marsh from Actor’s Access (partnered with Casting About) and trying to meet with Blair, which I facilitated! And because of that, it made Lisa think of me to help be her “mini me” and run seminars in LA! Where I was looking to create more work. And on a side note, many years ago I had a premonition that I would someday do motivational speaking.
12) This morning, I said I needed more work, especially writing work. Within 2 hours I was offered more blog writing work, and possibly accepted into a research study which PAYS! (And will also help my back).
13) The whole time I was in LA, my usual tap teacher was away. So I couldn’t take class (which might have hurt my back) even if I wanted to.

I constantly meditate on, “I let the Universe guide me…” and THIS is what happens.

TAG: Just arrived back in NYC. And I realize I'm following someone on Twitter that my cousin had told me months ago to get in touch with. I think the Universe did it for me. I don't follow a lot of people on Twitter, just what/who I want to follow. Sweet!