Monday, July 9, 2012

Resources for actors/filmmakers

Periodically I get asked by new actors and filmmakers for recommendations on resources especially in New York. So I thought I should let you all know my list of favorites. These are almost all friends of mine, or people I have experience with. So I highly recommend all of them for getting started, focusing on what you want, where to start, how to keep track, and how to keep motivated. And my blog's pretty good too!

There are SO many great places. So please comment and share your favorites for LA and NY too!

For business/marketing and learning about the business:
The Savvy Actor (Guy has a blog and workshops.)
Dallas Travers (marketing)
Act Outside The Box (marketing)
Actors Connection (NYC mostly. for classes, workshops, casting seminars)

For coaching:
The Creative Seed (Penelope Brackett)
Betsy Capes Coaching (Betsy Capes)
Creative Calling Coaching(Rahti Gorfien)

How to keep track of contacts and auditions and things
Organized Actor
Holdon Log

My favorite is, of course, Maverick Sean Photography (FACEBOOK, Website)

 Acting Teachers:
Jack Plotnick is mostly in LA, but he comes to NY periodically. You MUST check out his website and youtube channel. MUST.
Charles Tuthill in New York.

New York: Steps is still my favorite. Lynn Schwab, still the best tap teacher, (or any kind of teacher) ever.
Los Angeles: The Edge is the cheapest, with the most choices. But I find most of their teachers unreliable to show up. I also like the dance arts academy on La Brea. Nice for studio rental too. Favorite tap teachers; Garrett Minnitti and Steve Zee.

Listing online/finding auditions on your own:
Actors Access
mandy (also great for listing when you need crew/looking for crew jobs)
LA Casting
NY Casting

Who what's casting and the status of all of TV/Film:
Casting About 

How to run auditions:
Buy the book! 

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