Sunday, September 25, 2011

Allergy Free Pantry

Here is my resource list (from's links page) for all your special diet needs. Be sure and check the ingredients on every package before you buy it!

SPECIAL DIETS:   any links you don't see, let me know! And email me for more info on food intolerances/allergies.
PLACES TO ORDER:    No food products.
   all kinds of stuff for baking, supplies, flours, dried fruits, everything.
*    can search by allergy    to order a range of food
if you're in the CT area, check out:   get the Wendy's! Now you can order online! has a gluten free section! just search for gluten free/dairy free, etc.   just search for gluten free/dairy free, etc. has all kinds of pasta/gnocchi/pizza to try.   trips/cruises for gluten free people!    awesome blog with all kinds of help. (can get free allergy cards to pass out) breads, rolls, baked goods. Can’t find elsewhere yet?
Soy jerkey original flavor, yummy. (they have sharkies!) turkey jerkey, yummy.  Available at Fairway frozen markets.   my new favorite bread products! (contains egg)
You can search for gluten free (or any free) recipes at,, or any other recipe site! 

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